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Shanghai Xinxi Alloy Material Co .,Ltd

Address :No.568 Changjing Village,Waigang Town,Jiadin District,Shanghai,China

Tel :+86-21-6951 3027

Fax:+86-21-6951 3130

E-mail :katy@cn-alloy.com

Website :www.cn-alloy.com

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Integrity, Pragmatism, Unity, Diligence 

Integrity:Do not make self-deception and take integrity orientation and consistency when associating with others.

Pragmatism:Stability, Sincerity, Practicability, Innovation

Unity:One Mind, Mutual Support, Communication & Collaboration, Teamwork.

Diligence:Hardworking, Progressive, Brave enough to face difficulties and pressure.


Business Concept: 

China Popularity! Global Presence! Pragmatism & Innovation! Quality Supremacy! 

Technology Basis: Create the world’s material of first choice in the industry and establish strategic alliances with large groups.

People Orientation: Enhance the master awareness of talents and the sense of belonging to create brilliance with one mind.

Superior Quality: Give scope of the unique process of Honlux and supply high-quality products to customers.

Customer First: Maximize customer demands and provide customers with better, faster and more comprehensive services.


Quality Policy: 

Quality First, Customer Satisfaction, People Orientation, Continuous Improvement

Quality Commitment:

(Ⅰ) Quality failed products inspected by customers will be returned or replaced;

(Ⅱ) During warranty period, all costs resulting from returning or replacement shall be born by the company;

(Ⅲ) Maintain close contact with customers and reply within 24 hours when receiving domestic quality reports and within 72 hours for oversea customers;

(Ⅳ) Conduct quality policy and quality objectives training to staffs and fulfillment the policy and objectives;

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