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Soft magnetic cores classification

Soft magnetic cores are widely applied in various global leakage protectors, precision current (voltage) mutual medium, a variety of electromagnetic signal converters, magnetic amplifiers, switching mode power suppliers (SMPS) and transducers, etc.

Soft magnetic cores are included coil cores, laminated cores and magnet yokes.


Silicon steel sheet

Silicon steel sheet is the most commonly used material for power transformers, motors, choke coils and low frequency circuit input and output transformers. Silicon steel quality is good or bad, usually with saturated magnetic induction B to express. Good silicon steel chip saturation magnetic induction strength of up to 10000 Gaussian above, looks more grain, thin film, crisp, cross-section. Poor silicon steel sheet only 6000 gauss, looks dark black, thick film, toughness, cross section straight.

There is a specifically for the C-type transformer core cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, its magnetic properties are directional, the use of magnetic properties in the direction of strong, with the winding method to make "C" type transformer core , Its saturated magnetic induction strength is much higher than ordinary silicon steel sheet, the use of this silicon steel sheet can greatly improve the magnetic induction, reducing the size and weight of the core.

2. permalloy

Palladium alloy, also known as iron-nickel alloy, which in the weak magnetic field (small current generated by the magnetic field) has a unique advantage, to meet the special needs of telecommunications engineering. For example, the initial permeability of ultra-permalloy alloy μ0 up to 10 million or more. But permalloy contains nickel, more expensive, should not be widely used, only in some require high sensitivity, volume and must be small electromagnetic devices, only use this material, it is a high-level soft magnetic materials.

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