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Soft magnetic composite technology

Soft magnetic composite materials are widely used in energy, information, national defense and other important areas, is the national economy and national defense construction of the key basic materials.

In this paper, the "low-power high-performance soft magnetic composite materials and key preparation technology" project for the long-term soft magnetic composite materials and low power loss of these two serious problems in-depth study.

For example: "For example, our mobile phones and computers, bulky, with a long time will be hot and even hot, battery life is poor, a big reason is that the use of soft magnetic materials inside the high power loss caused.

In the course of the research, the authors put forward the technical idea of generating high resistivity soft shell in situ on the surface of soft magnetic powder substrate, reducing the eddy current loss and maintaining high magnetic properties. The invention studied the multi-soft magnetic core- Materials, and invented for different magnetic powder insulation coating technology, significantly reducing the power loss.

The mechanism and mechanism of the composition formula on the structure, microstructure and magnetic properties of the alloy were studied. A new system of high performance soft magnetic alloy was constructed, and a series of soft magnetic composites with high magnetic flux density and high DC superposition were prepared material. Invented a new type of high temperature resistant adhesive and organic - inorganic composite bonding technology, innovation and improved for different soft magnetic alloy milling technology, system integration related inventions and key technologies.

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