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Soft magnetic alloy

The soft magnetic alloy is a kind of alloy with a high permeability and low coercivity in a weak magnetic field, which is widely applied in power transforming and information processing, including electron industry, precision instruments, tele-control and auto-control systems.

Soft magnetic alloys include following types of products:

1J17、1J18、1J36 Corrosion Resistant Soft Magnetic Alloys

Soft Magnetic Alloys

1J22 Soft Magnetic Alloys with High Saturation Magnetic Induction

1J30 、1J31 、1J32、1J33、1J38 Thermo-magnetic Compensation Alloys

1J66 Soft Magnetic Alloys with Constant Permeability

1J87 、1J88 、1J89、1J90、1J91 High Permeability Alloys with High Hardness and High Electrical Resistanc

1J76 、1J77 、1J79 、1J80 、1J85 、1J86 Soft Magnetic Alloys with High Initial Permeability

1J34、1J40、1J51、1J52、1J65、1J67、1J83 Soft Magnetic Alloys with Rectangular Hysteresis Loop

1J46 、1J50 、1J54 Soft Magnetic Alloys with High Permeability and High Saturation Magnetic Induction

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