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Silver Alloys and Super Alloys

Silver alloy which is used to make Electrical contact mainly include Ag , FAg, AgNi, AgCu, AgSnO2, AgSnO2In2O3, AgZnO2, AgCdO etc. Silver Alloy Wire can be used to manufacture Rivet Contacts and Contact Bridges by automatics welding Machine. They are widely applied in low voltage electrical appliances,such as Contactor, Relay, Starter, Voltage Controller, Automobile etc.

Electrical Contacts Material

Superalloys are indispensable materials in aviation, navigation, military industry and so on. is the earliest manufacturer in China for developing and producing superalloys, and provides the as-cast master superalloys of high quality, which can be used to manufacture turbine laminas, guide laminas, and other heat resistant components. 

Super alloys  include the following types of products:

corrosion resistant nickel alloy

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