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About magnetic materials

Most of the metal is free of magnetism at room temperature, but researchers at the University of Leeds in the new issue of the journal "Nature" reported that they were able to use non-magnetic metals as magnetic as possible by molecular-level techniques. Significantly widening the choice of the use of magnetic materials in the industrial sector.

Only iron, cobalt and nickel, these three metals at room temperature with magnetic. The magnetism of the metal is not only due to the presence of unpaired electrons, but also the interaction between these electrons.

The team said they found that copper and manganese films could be magnetized by capturing the electrons transmitted between the metal and a layer of organic molecules. This organic molecule is called fullerene, its structure is composed of 60 carbon atoms connected to the formation of cage-like sphere, this structure is simple and stable.

Magnetic materials are used in industrial and technological applications, such as in wind power installations, computer hard drives and some medical devices. Researchers say that only the three metal elements of iron, cobalt and nickel can be used to make magnetic materials can bring a lot of restrictions, if more elements can get magnetic, will bring important changes in industrial production can use copper And other reserves are richer and fewer side effects of the elements.

Oscar Seth Peders, who led the study, said the team will further study how to combine the technology with the right elements to produce new types of magnetic materials to facilitate the development of new technologies.

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