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About Expansion Alloys

Expansion alloy is provided with a special linear expansion coefficient (minimum or constant) under a certain range of temperature. It is widely applied in electronic vacuum industry and other electronic apparatus, such as seals for soft glass or ceramics in electro-vacuum industry, anode caps, down-lead frames and other electro-vacuum components.

Expansion alloys include the following types of products:

4J32、4J36、Nb-lnvar Low Expansion Alloys


4J33、4J34 FeNiCo Ceramic Sealing Alloys

4J06、4J47、4J49 FeNiCr Glass Sealing Alloys




4J42、4J45、4J50、4J52、4J54 FeNi Glass Sealing Alloys

4J29、4J44 FeNiCo Glass Sealing Alloys

4J38 FeNiCoCu Sealing Alloys


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