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About Bimetal Material

Bimetal is bonding by two or more different expansion coefficients metal or alloy, whose shape changes at changing temperature.

The active side of the bimetal requests large expansion coefficients, high melting point and similar modulus of elasticity with the passive side. And, there are many choices for the raw material of the active side, such as resisto, nickel-ironmanganese,manganin, pure Nickel, pure iron, brass, bronze,stainless steel, etc. Commonly used are Mn72Cu18Ni10,Ni22Cr3, Ni20Mn6, Ni18Cr11, Ni19Cr2, Ni25Cr8, etc.

Thermobimetal Strips include the following types of products:

PEFAC Bimetals

Equivalent Grades of Bimetal

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