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1J87 、1J88 、1J89、1J90、1J91 High Permeability Alloys with High Hardness and High Electrical Resistanc


1J87 、1J88 、1J89、1J90、1J91

Shapes and dimensions / mm



Satisfactory initial permeability high electrical resistivity excellent hardness strength and wearability magnetic properties are not sensitive to stress


Stamped parts ior magnetic head used by tape recorder and VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) a variety oi high frequency magnetic component cores used by micro and special electric machines transformers sensors and magnetic amplifiers etc.

Chemical compositions(%)


Peak permeability of strip


DC magnetic properties,electrical resistivity,and microhardness

1486727429612234 拷贝.jpg

Elastic permeability of the strips of different alloys

1 拷贝.jpg

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