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1J76 、1J77 、1J79 、1J80 、1J85 、1J86 Soft Magnetic Alloys with High Initial Permeability


1J76 、1J77 、1J79 、1J80 、1J85 、1J86


We can customize the product according to customer requirements (drawings, samples and so on).


High or much higher initial permeability and maximurn permeability.extremely low coercive force and iarly low saturation magnetic induction.


High sensitive and small size power transformers used in a weak magnetic field magnetic amplifier relays reactors magnetic heads oi magnetic recording equipments magnetic shielding a variety oi strip-wound cores and lamination cores etc.



Products of the same composition and properties can be produced according to ASTM DIN JIS and other standards. 



 Permalloy 1J85 HYMU 80 UNS N14080 Mo5 ASTM A753 DIN 2.4545 Mu metal

The data above is for your reference。should you have any requirement,please contact us。

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