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1J22 Soft Magnetic Alloys with High Saturation Magnetic Induction





Standard Product Forms 标准产品形状  规格样式1

sheet, strip, plate, round bar, flat bar, forging stock, wire.


Forms Manufactured生产规格 规格样式2

• Bar-Rounds  • Billet  • Sheet  • Strip  • Wire   


Major Specifications 主要规范  牌号和标准

ASTM A 801, UNS R30005



Exceptional saturation magnetic induction satisiactory saturation magnetostriction fairly high curie temperature  as well as satisfactory mechanichl strength.


Polar head oi electromagnet iron cores oi small size power transformer reactor and magnetic amplifier stator and rotor oi aeromotor and generator oscillators oi magnetostrictive transducer and ultrasonic generator aviation power transformer pole shoe and print head etc.


Chemical compositions( %)  化学成分 成分百分比 (TYPICAL VALUE代表值、主要值)

Co: 49.0~51.0

V: 0.80~1.80

Fe: rest


Typical Physical Properties 典型物理特性

Density, g/cm 3 (kg/m 3 ): 8.12 (8120)

Electrical resistivity, µΩ - cm (µΩ - mm): 40 (400)

Curie temperature, °C: 940

Saturation magnetostriction, 10 −6: 60

Saturation induction, kG (T) : 23.8 (2.38)

Modulus of elasticity, psi (GPa): 30 × 10 6 (207)

Thermal conductivity, cal/cm · s ·°C (W/m·K): 0.0712 (29.8)


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